Women mistakenly given breast cancer all-clear

Eight women mistakenly given the all-clear for breast cancer are now being treated for the disease after errors at a hospital. More cases are also likely to be discovered after diagnosis mistakes were belatedly picked up in July, following a statistical review of routine mammograms at Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle since April 2007.

It found that cancer was detected in significantly fewer women called back for a second screening than would have been expected.

Consequently the films of about 1,600 women were sent off to be reassessed externally. To date, of 1,477 returned, 1,302 have been told they need no more tests. Of the remainder, 130 have been advised to undergone further assessment. Of those 130, 49 have been seen so far, with 40 being told they do not need treatment. However, eight have been told they do need treatment and a further one has been told she has non-invasive breast cancer, which means it has not spread out into surrounding tissues.

Carole Heatly, chief executive of North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “Our trust fully understands and appreciates the distress and anxiety this issue will have caused and apologies to all concerned. “We are undertaking every measure possible to ensure that we provide the best high-quality service.” Screening has been suspended pending a major review of the service.


Pupils forced to use mobile classrooms as British city is flooded by 20,000 migrants

Schools in a city flooded by more than 20,000 immigrants are at ‘breaking point’, education chiefs warned yesterday. Peterborough City Council is planning to build emergency mobile classrooms to ease pressure on its primary schools, which have seen a steep rise in applicants. Every class in every year group is already full, and it has struggled to find places for all 2,438 pupils due to start classes in September.

It is feared that hundreds of local children are missing out on their first choice schools because of the boom. The city’s population has leapt from 165,000 to 185,000 in the last six years as immigrants look for casual factory and farm work.

Peterborough has seen demand for all services increase, and up to 15 camps used by jobless migrants have been found across the city.

Education councillor John Holdich said it was difficult to predict demand for places because it was hard to estimate the number of workers entering the city. He said: ‘We can keep an eye on the demography through births, marriages and death numbers but we cannot easily find out how many new people are moving to the city and they are still moving here at a fair old rate. ‘We are looking to build a new school but because of all the planning regulations we have to follow, that is likely to be about two years off.’

Immigrant communities account for 64 per cent of Peterborough’s population growth as migrants are attracted to the city by fruit and vegetable picking jobs in the surrounding Fen countryside.

Isabel Clark, head of school place planning admitted migrants had put ‘pressure’ on the system. She said: ‘There has been a steep increase in demand for school places causing pressures in certain areas. We have processed 2,438 applications for places at primary schools for the September start, which leaves very little room for additional placements.’

Fulbridge School, one of the schools that is full up in every year, has a roll of 675 pupils speaking 27 different languages – with just 200 children having English as a first language.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: ‘This is clear evidence of the real impact of uncontrolled immigration. ‘The previous government clearly failed to make sufficient provisions for primary education in huge part because they were in denial about the massive scale of immigration that they deliberately encouraged.’

Peterborough Council confirmed that 252 children or 11 per cent of applicants had missed out on their first choice of primary school.

A further 101, or five per cent, were turned away from all of their choices and were instead offered ‘directed’ places in schools that had spaces left.

A spokesman for the council said it was taking measures to accommodate the number of applicants. She said: ‘We have increased the number of available places year on year by increasing some schools admission numbers…and by starting building projects to increase capacity.’


Fined £150 million for failing to fly the EU flag: Now British firms are told how to fight back

Getting Brits to have a “European” consciousness is a bit of a laugh and trying to enforce it by law is even more so. It may be apocryphal but the British weather report “Fog in the Channel. Europe isolated” still summarizes a lot about British attitudes to Europe

Business chiefs have issued advice to companies and public bodies on how to escape heavy penalties for failing to display European Union flags after British organisations were fined an astonishing £150 million for not giving the EU enough publicity.

Companies receiving European grants must display its logo on their buildings, posters and websites or face being forced to pay back some of the funding. Now Yorkshire Forward, a regional development agency, has produced an 18-page booklet that advises organisations how to escape the punitive penalties.

The pamphlet details ‘approved’ versions of the EU flag, instructions on its colour and dimensions, and the precise wording that must accompany the logo. The rules also require building and infrastructure projects to display billboards and plaques praising the EU for providing funds.

Each poster or plaque must set aside ’25 per cent of the total area’ for EU propaganda. They must also include the words: ‘Investing in your future.’ The Yorkshire Forward booklet also reveals the organisations to have fallen foul of the petty regulations.

Among the projects hit was a £3.5 million refurbishment of Whitley Bay Playhouse in North Tyneside. Some £60,000 of the EU’s £626,500 contribution had to be repaid because of ‘a number of failings’. Not meeting rules on publicity cost the scheme £16,450 of the total.

The YMCA in Peterborough had to repay £1,325 of a grant to help promote parenting skills, volunteering and sports among young people, again because it fell foul of the strict rules on publicity. Organisers had not displayed the EU flag at YMCA premises or used it in publicity material.

Last month, it emerged that Brussels bureaucrats had ordered the British Government to collect an astonishing £150 million from organisations and companies because of failures to prominently display the EU flag on premises that were receiving funding.

Critics are particularly appalled as Britain is a £6.4 billion net contributor to the EU budget. Last night, Local Government Minister Bob Neill said: ‘It is unfair that local firms, community groups and councils are being punished by EU officials for the most minor breaches of complicated and over-bureaucratic EU rules.

This is a sledgehammer to crack a nut. ‘Disadvantaged and needy groups should not lose out because of failing to follow excessive EU propaganda demands to the letter. ‘The end result is British taxpayers’ money being wasted on bloated design guidelines, form-filling and millions of pounds of red tape.’

A number of other British regional development agencies, which help Whitehall to distribute EU grants, have issued their own guide books to prevent further disqualifications of grants.

Six pages of the Yorkshire guide are devoted to showing how the EU’s circle of stars flag should appear on letterheads, Press releases and publicity. The guidelines for commemorative plaques state they ‘should be placed where they can be seen by the public and should not be hidden away in obscure locations’. It adds: ‘Reception areas are ideal, as areas by entrances. Plaques should be sized so that they are easily readable.’

And in a stark warning to any recipients of EU funding, it states: ‘Project managers are reminded that failure to implement the publicity regulations or implementing them incorrectly could lead to expenditure being declared ineligible, leading to loss of grant on which the project is depending.’

The European Commission was unavailable for comment last night.


Labour Party eminence set to join the Tory war on dole cheats in Britain

Former Labour Cabinet Minister David Blunkett is poised to give the Coalition a major boost by helping it tackle poverty, benefits abuse and the pensions crisis.

Mr Blunkett is in talks about taking up a post with the think-tank set up by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith which pioneered many of the measures used in the Government’s welfare state shake-up.

Known for his no-nonsense views on scroungers, hooligans and the feckless unemployed, Mr Blunkett is considering working for Mr Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice.

Mr Blunkett is the latest in a number of leading Labour figures to forge links with the Conservatives. Former Welfare Minister Frank Field has been recruited as a ‘Poverty Tsar’ and former Defence Secretary John Hutton is to lead a Government review of pensions.

Although the CSJ is independent, it was set up by Mr Duncan Smith, who now acts as its patron, and its reports have considerable influence in Whitehall.

A CSJ source said: ‘The organisation has been having discussions with Mr Blunkett. We believe he is genuinely interested in helping us to find lasting solutions to deep-seated issues concerning employment and welfare. He is a radical free thinker and can combine it with a wealth of practical experience.

‘Iain Duncan Smith has considerable respect for his views. We are keen to work with people from every part of the political spectrum to tackle the fundamental problems facing Britain.’

Like fellow Labour Right-wingers Mr Field and Mr Hutton, Mr Blunkett had frequent clashes with Gordon Brown over state benefits and other issues. While his socially conservative views upset Mr Brown, they won him many Tory admirers.

As Work and Pensions Secretary under Mr Blair, Mr Blunkett was denounced by Left-wing MPs after claiming that going to work ‘will overcome depression and stress a lot more than people sitting at home watching daytime television’.

He added: ‘The welfare state of the 21st Century will not simply be a safety net but an enabler – a ladder out of poverty. It must embody the mutual acceptance of self-responsibility and the acceptance of responsibility for the well-being of others. Today’s welfare state has more sticking plaster than Boots the chemist.’

They are sentiments shared by many Tory MPs, though not all would have Mr Blunkett’s courage to express them publicly.

Mr Blunkett shares the view of many Blairites that Labour’s failure to get to grips with the culture of welfare dependency was one of its key failings.

As Home Secretary, he took a hard line on immigration and once dismissed civil liberties as ‘airy fairy’. He opposed sex education in primary schools and laws that critics said allowed the promotion of homosexuality in the classroom.

In 2005, Mr Blair wanted to give Mr Blunkett special responsibility for dealing with anti-social behaviour by young thugs but the move was blocked by John Prescott.

Mr Blunkett told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I have been talking with the Centre for Social Justice.’ He declined to give further details.


British weather forecaster on SatelliteGate

Piers Corbyn seems to be the world’s most accurate weather forecaster, basing his forecasts mostly on celestial events and rejecting any influence from CO2.

He comments below on the recent absurdities found in satellite temperature measurements and notes that whenever faults are found in climate data, the errors are always in the direction of overstating warming!

WELL DONE to all involved in this SATELLITEGATE expose!

It helps explain puzzles many have had including some I had – namely that even with the Solar-Lunar climate driver I developed recently (although there are other factors too) smoothed world temperatures (both land and reported satellite) over recent years especially this year/last decade (?) seemed ‘too high’.

This revelation further confirms something I and Tom Harris said on Russia Today TV Feb (5th) 2010 namely that WE JUST DO NOT reliably KNOW what world temperatures are and have been doing over the last decade or century. See Laura Emmet’s superb ClimateGate report here (Video)

We do know local things of course like it has been and is very hot in Russia and has been astoundingly cold in parts of South America and Australia compared with normal, but these monstrous data blunders will obscure rational discussion and temperature reportage.

The climate hype industry will do everything in its power to put a lid on this one. Imagine if it were found the satellite data had been reading minus 200F in Michigan etc and that had been used in input for world averages, THERE WOULD BE FRONT PAGE NEWS AND ENRAGED QUESTIONS IN EVERY ELECTED (and unelected) PUBLIC FORUM IN THE WORLD coupled with public sackings of the scientists involved and the most dire ‘end of the world’ warnings possible and redoubled calls for carbon supertaxes

The key questions are:-

Why are ALL the errors and tricks in data collection and processing found since Climategate broke of the sort which make temperatures too high?

How bad is this error and how long has it been going on for?

Are there other errors in satellite data?

What parts of the globe does it mainly concern?

WHEN and HOW will we get a reliable world temperature data set; and just WHAT is the best (most reliable) data set around?

Could it be that the world temp peak (believed) of around 1998 – 2003 was no higher than that around 1935-1940?

Are we actually heading for the next ice age as lake Michagan boils according to [satellite] measurements?!


Corbyn also comments on the recent Russian heatwave here. Excerpt:

“The present and recent superheat in Russia, superfloods in Pakistan and supercold in much of South America (Odd we haven’t heard much about that bit of ‘Climate Change’) might be new to them but they are nothing new to the world and are part of essentially PREDICTABLE natural solar-magnetic lunar cycles.”

Red tape on British school expulsions ‘to be axed’

Rules forcing schools to share badly behaved pupils could be scrapped, it emerged today. The Coalition said the requirement for schools to admit an unruly pupil for every one expelled would be reviewed amid fears it eroded head teachers’ powers to maintain discipline.

Other rules forcing schools to record all “significant incidents” in which teachers use force to restrain violent children could also be axed. The move forms part of Government plans to cut red tape and give heads more control over their own schools.

It comes just weeks after the Coalition announced a raft of new powers to crackdown on bad behaviour, including scrapping the required 24 hours notice on detentions and allowing teachers to search pupils for any banned item.

But the move has been criticised by one teaching union which said it could lead to an escalation of classroom disruption, bullying, gang-related violence and truancy.

Under rules due to be introduced next month, all schools are supposed to join “behaviour partnerships” – groups of local state secondaries that share resources to combat indiscipline.

The move – enshrined in an education Bill passed by Labour – requires schools to operate “one out-one in” expulsion policies. It was designed to ensure that all schools shared the worst-behaved pupils and unruly children were not concentrated in one place.

The legislation also forced schools to meet new truancy targets and record all incidents in which teachers physically restrain pupils. The measures have now been frozen subject to a review by the Coalition. They could be scrapped altogether.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said: “Most schools already record incidences of use of force without these regulations and all schools are working to improve behaviour and attendance. “We are looking at whether imposing a legal requirement to do this would be an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy. “This is about putting our trust back in front line professionals. We have already committed to strengthening the guidance and if necessary legislation around the use of force to give teachers the confidence to use these powers.”

But the NASUWT union said the move would undermine standards of behaviour as schools refuse to cooperate on discipline issues.

Chris Keates, general secretary, said: “The Coalition Government’s decision to roll back on changes designed to tackle poor pupil behaviour and truancy could prevent many schools from developing effective and sustainable solutions to these problems.

“Pupil behaviour problems often require schools to work together with the police and with other agencies to develop preventative and remedial strategies. “There is a real danger that revoking the requirement for behaviour partnerships risks increased classroom disruption, bullying, gang-related violence and truancy. This will cost the taxpayer more in dealing with increased antisocial behaviour.”


Britain should scrap inheritance tax: “What good is inheritance tax? Well, it’s certainly very useful for a profligate government that has run out of money. As house and asset prices rise (thanks to all that money which the Bank of England has printed in its efforts to take the edge off the financial prices), more and more people are drawn into it. What used to be a tax on the rich is now a nice earner for the government, paid by the many. (Not by the rich, who can either leave the country or hire expensive accountants to get round it.)”


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I am former member of the Australia-Soviet Friendship Society, former anarcho-capitalist and former member of the British Conservative party. The kneejerk response of the Green/Left to people who challenge them is to say that the challenger is in the pay of "Big Oil", "Big Business", "Big Pharma", "Exxon-Mobil", "The Pioneer Fund" or some other entity that they see, in their childish way, as a boogeyman. So I think it might be useful for me to point out that I have NEVER received one cent from anybody by way of support for what I write. As a retired person, I live entirely on my own investments. I do not work for anybody and I am not beholden to anybody
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